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Mesadevida 19 days ago


We just moved to Oceanside and are so glad to find this place! We've tried so many restaurants since we got here, but nothing holds a flame to the food at PCH! Excellent quality, flavor, and service. The beer tap rotations are superb, and very fresh. This is our #1 hands down favorite place in Oceanside now.

Nzadra 19 days ago


I love everything about this place. People.. food.. drinks.. and dog friendly! I have tried to go other place but find myself going in circles and end up right back at PCH Sport Bar. Home away from home.

Cuasefitz 21 days ago

The Perfect PCH

Its perfect!

Mtbnorba 21 days ago


The sliders absolutely phenomenal! In fact, all the food we've gotten here is awesome. Favorite spot for beer and eats in Oceanside.

Carlavaldez34 22 days ago


We love PCH. Not only is the food amazing but the staff is even better. Best burgers in Oside. Can't beat the BOGO Monday specials. Smoking Tuesday tacos. The pork Carnitas are fire. Best fish tacos hands down!!!! Now let me tell you about the lemon pepper chicharones. If you want the best, straight out the fryer, still poppin at ur table, mouth watering greatness. I highly recommend this must have snack. Best 5 bucks I will ever spend. And when in doubt and your throat is dry. You best get yourself a ice cold brewski. Best section of beers on tap in south Oside !!!!!! As you can tell we love PCH. And now our pup hashbrown can enjoy it too on the patio!!!

Samflo91 22 days ago

Rice Papper Wrapped Shrimp

So light and tasty! The shrimp is fresh/full and the sauce is delicious. I'll sometimes get two orders as a meal. Highly recommend trying, you'll get hooked!

Gina 22 days ago


So I have Never heard of an app like this husband and I ordered up these to split with a pch burger and oh my lawwwd! So good. The flavors are phenomenal. Perfect balance of flavor and texture. Can easily be a meal in itself. Everything at pch is ordered with zero regrets. It's a family friendly spot too. We take our daughters here and they are always excited to go to our fav local spot. If you like good food, company, and a chill atmosphere this is your spot

Ekussoff 22 days ago

Patty Melt

great beer/drink selection and the patty melt was classic and simple but delicious topped with mushrooms. great game day meal!

Lximaniscalco about 1 month ago

PCH Burger

This burger is so damn good! I dream about it.

Muldani1 about 1 month ago

Barnyard Burger

We went here for the first time for there BOGO on Monday! Not only was it a great deal but the burger was fantastic! The service was also great! Can't wait to go back next Monday!

Geidoberg about 1 month ago

Country Breakfast Burrito

That country breakfast burrito is da bomb!! Such delicious country gravy, make sure to ask for an extra side of it to pour extra on each bite!!

Artiesndvl 19 days ago


The best shrimp burrito ever!

Dashboardancer 21 days ago

Mike's Hot Snaps

You cannot find this anywhere else!! Every bite prepared on the spot just for you! Eat it by itself (by yourself) or top off your blue burger with it! Pairs with any AMAZING beer always on tap!! #familyfriendly #sportssavvy #osideornoside

Cuasefitz 21 days ago

Nanas Chicken Tortilla Soup

The Soup is the best.

Ashley 21 days ago

Ranch Chicken Wrap

The tortilla has to be freshly made ( it's delicious) the crisp lettuce and tomato's are bomb ..and not to mention the avocado sooo good!!! I love to get this tossed in buffalo and crispy ! By far this is my boyfriends and My favorite go to dinner spot ! The wings are also some of my favorite ever! Crisp And their special Terribuffalo ( not sure how it's spelled ) is BOMB ! Pork rinds with salt, pepper and lime are a must have !!! They are fresh and amazing with a beer! I could go on but I would describe so much on the menu! Just eat here! Always delicious 😋 and everyone is friendly.. great spot for football !!!!

Brooks051 22 days ago

Mike's Hot Snaps

Hot snaps are amazing. Best staff around. Everyone from the owner to lunch/ dinner staff and the kitchen are cool. Best beer around. Always a solid selection of good quality local craft beer. My go to place.

Torie 22 days ago

Biscuits and Gravy

I've frequented PCH since I turned 21. Love this place. Good food, great selection of beer, and the best part - friendly, personable staff. I've created lifelong friendships with staff and other guests while at this place! Love it!!!

Richard 22 days ago


How do you describe this BLT. That's a hard question. When I first bit into the BLT I was brought back to younger more happier days. It was like losing my virginity for the first time. The taste captivated my pallet and figuratively brought me to my knees. Thoughts of ecstasy came to my mind, but yet also some sadness. I tried to imagine the man who made this BLT. What his life is like and he came to be. You can tell the man who made this BLT is the kind of man who cries softly after sex, hes the little spoon. He's the kind of man who sits on the toilet and shares his feelings with his spouse. The way the bread was pressed down was sensual in nature. You can tell he took a little sexual pleasure in the presentation of this BLT. I imagine his eyes were fixed on it, like a lover before climax. The bacon was seasoned perfectly as if he went home and slept next to it, coddled it and told it how much it meant to him. The tomatoes were massaged and tender. I like to imagine this man in the cold storage reading 50 shades of grey to the tomatoes, reassuring them about how pleasurable they are going to make someones life. Sometime the nights get long and not always great. But thinking about what this man does to a BLT and how erotic he makes it, makes life so worth living. Good BLT, highly recommend.

Scott 22 days ago

BBQ Chicken

I am always on the lookout for a great chicken sandwich and the BBQ Chicken Sando did not disappoint! Typically, I will get BBQ on the side, but the perfect amount was added and made the sandwich. I will definitely add this to my everything that I have had at PCH.

Dentaldoll about 1 month ago

Patty Melt

It was delicious. I love Patty Melts and this one did not disappoint. I enjoyed it with a side of Fries and Homemade Ranch 😍.

Corpsmanup86 about 1 month ago

PCH Burger

Pch has the best pub grub north county has to offer. Never dissatisfied with the food or experience when I'm there. Stop in and hang out with locals and catch the game. The beer program is superior and constantly rotating local, and hard to get craft beer.


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